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One of my favorite topics to talk about is the idea of Work/Life Integration. Most people call this “balance”, which is really the wrong metaphor for how you should view your work and non-work selves. Balance is static…it doesn’t move you forward and the only alternative to being “in” balance is being out of balance…if you’re like this guy, being out of balance is a bad thing…

For the most part Work/Life Integration, or WLI, is a personal action. The life you lead is yours, and the choices you make on how you are going to live it is within your control. However, a big part of the WLI equation for most of us is WORK. I contend that you have the ability – and responsibility – to foster an organizational culture that promotes the effective integration of work and life for all members of your organization. You do not need to be a leader to lead change!

I’ve put together a handout that is the companion to the presentation I’ve developed on Work/Life Integration. Feel free to download it, and if you’d like me to talk with your group about how to create a WLI culture in your organization.

Download the NotAboutBalance handout.


Okay, if you have not yet seen Simon Sinek’s TED talk on Start with Why, go ahead and see the clip…it is worth it.

my_why_bluprintMy personal mission – live authentically, live intentionally, live passionately – is something I’ve had for quite a few years now. It is part of me, and it describes my aspirational self…I don’t always hit the mark, but I work each day to do so. However, as I have been reflecting on it, I’ve come to realize that as sound as that mission is, as much as it is who I want to be, I had never truly articulated my Why. It has always been there, but I have never been brave enough to put it “out there” publicly. I have also never gone the other way and articulated publicly how I believe I live my mission. So the task before me was to do just that. Read the rest of this entry »