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(note: This is the second in the “student development 101” series that used to live on the RCblog and is reposted here. Aimed at the parents of the young men I work with, please forgive the masculine pronouns…I’m on a deadline. jb)

Think for a moment about teaching a child to tie their shoes. If you hand the child a pair of Nike’s and say, “Here, kid, lace ‘em up,” they will probably give it a try, but quickly give up in frustration. On the other hand, if you tie their shoes for them every time without asking them to give it a try (and help them through the process), you will likely still need to tie their shoes during their first year of college!

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(note: this is a “repost” of an item I wrote for the RCblog a couple of years back. We’ve changed the blog around, and this was deleted. I did discover that I needed it again, so I repost.  The male pronouns are because I work with men primarily. jb)

Simply defined, a transition is the process of moving from one form of “normal” to the next. After the September 11th terrorist attacks, columnist Leonard Pitts, Jr. wrote that “normal” is not a fixed place on the map…but rather a point that is situational. In any transition, there is uncertainty and a certain degree of discomfort until you find your new “normal”. Read the rest of this entry »