So, what did I do over the holiday vacation? Thanks for asking…

The university closes for the week between Christmas and New Year’s…as both dates fell on Sunday this year, I got a few bonus days (always a plus). This is my time to unplug (almost), relax with my family, not get up at 5 AM (or at least return to bed after feeding the cats), run a little more, eat a little more, etc. It’s also time to have significant, focused time in my wood shop.

This year, I had a special treat. A few weeks ago, I came into possession of a very old church pew…rumored to be 100+ years old, native red oak, and no longer serviceable as a bench…fixing it would have been a major undertaking, and the previous owners had no sentimental value attached to the thing. It did, however, have enough sections of decent wood on it to make something…but what? Read the rest of this entry »